Bosties Boston Terriers

Bosties ... they're your Besties!

Welcome to my site, the home of Bosties Boston Terriers. I’m Cheryl and I live in Buckinghamshire with my Bosties, the spunky little breed that stole my heart and took over my life!

I have been interested in all things Dog since a very young age; over the years I have been involved in a few different breeds and have enjoyed every minute. Rescue work played a big part of my life for many of those years, fostering, transporting and home-checking.

I have had a lot of fun with my dogs in various disciplines including obedience, agility and conformation showing; nowadays we stick to the showing side of things.

Bostons have been my breed for a few years only, although I have always had a rather large soft spot for them. In many ways I wish I had started out with them, but I would then not have had the experiences I was challenged with along the way. I have met some wonderful folk in all breeds, but nothing compares to the genuine friendliness of Boston Terrier people.

My dogs are all Kennel Club Registered, Microchipped, DNA Profiled and Health Tested, they also hold current Eye Test Certificates. I am very passionate about the health of my chosen breed and am committed to the continuing improvement of The Boston Terrier. I DO NOT agree with breeding for colour. Puppies bred here are bred for Health, Conformation to Breed Standard and Temperament above all else, with good health a Top Priority! All dogs are fed a quality raw diet, from “The Dogs Butcher”, as nature intended.

The Kennel Name “Bosties”, was granted in June 2018. I really didn’t have much hope, it was the single name applied for, I thought there may be objections and was pleasantly surprised when the certificate arrived in the mailbox. Why “Bosties”? Well, I was asked what my favourite word was, an easy choice!

I am not a kennel, but a show breeder whose dogs live in the home as part of the family, they are pets first and foremost.

I am an active member and committee member of my Breed Club and my local Canine Society.

The joy of knowing your dog has a distinct history
Knowing a dogs characteristics in advance because of its breed
Serving a specific role defined by genetics, instinct and function!

Living For My Dogs, Not off of them!

Expression: Eyes are the windows to the soul!

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