How To Recognise A Responsible Breeder

They will ask you a lot of questions about your circumstances and lifestyle, to satisfy themselves that you could provide a suitable home for their puppy

If they don’t ask you detailed questions, walk away.

They will have a detailed knowledge about the breed and will be happy to volunteer information and advice 

If they appear reluctant to answer your questions, walk away.

They will always insist on meeting you and your family before offering you a puppy. They will always let you see the whole litter together with mum, in the place they are being reared

If they don’t, walk away.

They will be aware of and have carried out appropriate Boston Terrier health testing, which they will be happy to discuss with you

If they are dismissive of health testing or unable to show you relevant health certificates, walk away.

They will never pressurise you and will want you to visit more than once before they let you take a puppy home with you

You will probably be asked for a holding fee after you have chosen a puppy, as this helps to avoid ‘time wasters’.

They will provide you with all the necessary Puppy sale documents, including microchip details, KC Registration, pedigree, health test certificates, vaccination and worming record, feeding and dietary instructions, contract of sale and a receipt of payment

Be wary of any breeder who makes excuses for not having the paperwork ready at the point of collection.

If anything seems at all suspicious, it probably is. Don’t be caught out!!

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