Dog Show: Results/Critiques


27/12/19 Wealdstone & Northolt CS Open Show. 1st Puppy, Best Puppy & Puppy Group 3.
Judge: Richard Forsyth (Richpin).

30/12/19 Luton Canine Society Open Show. 3rd Puppy & 2nd Junior.
Judge: Lesley Dearn (Roxxilu).

11/01/20 Boston & District Canine Society Ch. Show. 4th Puppy Bitch & 2nd Special Beginner.
Judge: Mrs Stacie Quick (Havance).

16/01/20 Manchester Ch. Show. 2nd Puppy Bitch.
Judge: Mrs. Roberta Wright.

23/02/20 Boston Terrier Club Open Show. 3rd Puppy Bitch & 2nd Novice Bitch.
Judge: Mrs. Jo Kennedy (Antrix).

05/03/20 Crufts. 2nd Puppy Bitch.
Judge: Mr. Rob Sansom (Byermoor).

08/07/21 East Of England. 1st Post Graduate Bitch.

21/08/21. Northern Boston Terrier Club Ch. Show. 3rd Post Graduate Bitch. Judge Mrs. Fiona King (Kingsline).


Birmingham National 5/5/22 – Judge Mr. K. Crockett (Havasu)

Minor Puppy bitch 1st Grange’s Bosties Wiccan Hex. Very pretty baby, very feminine and pleasing in balance. Good head proportions, neat ear and dark eye with good muzzle and bite. Good neck and shoulder, nicely placed front assembly. Nice rib and topline with a good tailset. Nicely angulated both front and back. She should have a bright future.

Southern Counties 4/6/22 – Judge Kirsi Tevalin

Puppy Bitch 1st Grange’s Bosties Wiccan Hex. Good size, compact and well proportioned body. Correct details of the head, beautiful expression. Very good movements. Lovely brisk attitude in the ring. 

East Of England 10/07/22 – Judge Maureen Hounslow (Ridgeway)

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st Grange’s Bosties Wiccan Hex. This little seal brindle puppy has a very neat and square body, good head, dark eyes, good conformation. Moved well going and coming.

Sullivan 2023

Boston Terrier Club Open Show 2023 – Judge:  Victoria Jackson (Tigrato) 1st MPD

Grange’s Prince Ali Konfident Step to Bosties. Well balanced youngster. Square head, dark round eye with soft expression, correct bite and dentition. Level topline, short loin. Moved well when he paid attention. Still very much a baby, I look forward to seeing how he matures. BPIS

Chichester & District Open Show 2023 – Judge:  Debbie Rodaway (Demorace) 1st JD Grange’s Prince Ali Konfident Step To Bosties (Imp) Only 7months old but showing lots of promise. Square head, neat ears, large round eyes, giving a beautiful expression, he has a level  top line, straight front and nicely angulated rear. He moved out well for one so young. Just needs a little more confidence but I’m sure that will come in time. BP

WELKS Championship Show 2023 – Judge: Jo King (Uthando) 1st MPD Grange’s Prince Ali Konfident Step To Bosties (imp) Promising Smart Puppy. Square in outline and head with correct ear placement and nicely padded muzzle. Nicely arched neck and well angulated rear, a Promising Puppy.

Birmingham Champ Show 2023 – Judge: A Cund (Chelmbull) 1st MPD Prince Ali Konfident Step To Bosties (Imp) 9 month old beautiful mahogany brindle. so compact and square, lovely round dark eyes, square muzzle with open nostrils. Excellent bone with nice tight feet. Good neck with correct topline displaying correct angulation, moved out well once he settled.

Blackpool Champ Show 2023 – Judge: Julie Glynn (Coppergold) 1st PD Prince Ali Konfident Step To Bosties (imp UKR) (Grange). True breed type in a smaller frame. Square head, good ear placement, round eye, correct bite, good front assembly and nice quarters, smart puppy but still needs to settle on the move. Should have a bright future.

Windsor Champ Show 2023 – Judge: Fiona King (Kingsline) 1st PD Grange’s Prince Ali Konfident Step To Bosties; A small nicely marked typey brindle boy who filled my eye when he entered the ring with his clean lines and super neat square profile; loved his clean well-proportioned head and first-class expression with dark eyes, nose, lips and small erect ears which he used well. Good forechest, straight front, neat feet, elegant neck leading into good shoulder, correct topline and tailset, would love to see him stride out a little more.


East of England Champ Show – Judge: P Singer 2nd PD

Thame & Oxfordshire open Show – Judge: E Gagin (Cheinamour)1st PD & BPIB   Grange’s PRINCE ALI KONFIDENT STEP TO BOSTIES (imp UKR)Beautiful puppy of 11 months. stood out soon as he entered the ring. Good head true to breed, round dark eyes, correct stop, erect ears, everything in good proportion ,neck spot on, level topline, correct lay of shoulders, depth to chest & spring of rib compact. Good hind quarters & tail set. Good angulation, not over done, love his brindle colouration. Moved well for his handler. Could take this one home.BP 

Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show – Judge: Mr. Jeff Horswell 2nd JD He is square in outline and holds a level topline. Could be a bit more together moving. Liked his head proportions. Square in skull, flat between ears. Good eye and expression. Moderate in his angulation. Deep and wide chest. Full of fun.

City Of Birmingham Champ Show – Judge: Chelsey Harrison 1st JD & BJD This was a difficult class with many of the dogs all possessing different virtues. 1ST Grange’s, Prince Ali Konfident Step to Bosties (IMP). This boy caught my eye for type, he is brindle and white well marked. He is square in body. On closer inspection I was not disappointed. He is balanced throughout, His head has some lovely breed attributes. Square in shape no exaggeration, ears are well set and were used well throughout. He had a discernible stop, eyes are well-placed he had an abrupt brow and enough width to muzzle – good dentation. Enough neck, straight legs with enough bone. Top line level and strong rounded rump well set tail. Good second thigh with well let down hocks. I do have to say that the handler struggled at times to get the best out of this dog I believe he is promising with time and maturity on his side. BJD.

Richmond Champ Show – Judge: Mr. Paul Harding 2nd JD Twelve months old, lovely expression, pleasing ears, correct front, good spring of rib and bone. Moved and showed well.

Darlington Champ Show – Judge: Kathleen Glynn 2nd JD – A very smart brindle dog with good clear white markings, a square head with small well-placed ears. He had a good mouth, lovely square outline, good turn of stifle, straight front with good cat like feet. I liked him a lot but unfortunately, he did not go well on the move today, so this alone lost him the 1st placing.

Midland Counties Champ Show – Judge: A Wight 4th JD

Southern Boston Terrier Club Members Limit Show – Judge: Paula Hamilton  In the smaller weight category but this 15 month old Brindle & White boy had a lot to like. He caught my eye as he entered the ring on a loose lead. His head was very attractive, nice dark expressive eyes, neat ears set on square, good padding around the muzzle to square the head. Adequate neck onto well laidback shoulders, level topline and square body, good curve to stifle. He moved well when the handler was asked to let him have a loose lead. He can only get better as he matures; I look forward to seeing him when he has more muscle tone to his thighs. Delighted to award him BD & BOS & RBIS

The Boston Terrier Club Open Show – Judge: Marie Hamlin 1st JD PRINCE ALI KONFIDENT STEP TO BOSTIES (IMP UKR). So much to like about this young dog. Pleasing square head with correct head to muzzle balance. Flat skull, erect ears used well, and beautiful dark round eye displaying alertness and intelligence at all times. Strong neck leading to a level topline, fantastic deep ribs which he carries right back to a muscular short loin flowing to a lovely slight curve to tail set. I loved this dogs straight strong front and hindlimb angulation. Unfortunately his movement let him down today where he moved slightly wide behind. Great substance throughout and presented in remarkable condition.

The Ladies Kennel Association (LKA) – Judge: Ken Sinclair 1st JD  Prince Ali Konfident Step To Bosties (Imp)Pleasing compact shape which he also keeps on the move, good neck and shoulders, sound front and neat feet, he does move out well and completely sound.

Manchester Champ Show – Judge: Sonia Davis 2nd JD Another lovely young male, smaller than the 1s, but compact and full of substance, his head was pleasing and muzzle broad and square, he had a lovely shape and was naughty on the move.

Crufts 2024 – Judge: Peter Keenan 1st YD Prince Ali Konfident Step To Bosties. lovely mahogany brindle dog he possesses a very nice head, dark round eyes and lovely earset, excellent front assembly,  good topline and depth of chest,  very good rear angulation, lovely balanced dog he moved very freely around the ring.

BTC Open Show 2024 – Judge Simon Gill 1st Yearling Dog GRANGE’S PRINCE ALI KONFIDENT STEP TO BOSTIES (IMP UKR)Lots to like about this brindle boy of 19 months , presented in excellent condition he scored well with a lovely masculine head, good width and depth to his muzzle , nice dark eye set wide apart with a flat skull, ears were good when he used them, strong neck, he had a good width of chest and well sprung deep ribs, level topline and a super low set tail. Movement not quite on point for me today.

BTC CH Show 2024 – Judge Ronnie Tanner: 1st Yearling Dog

Grange’s Prince Ali Konfident Step to Bosties (imp UKR) –Very well marked mahogany brindle with lots to like. Neat well balanced head, lovely dark bright eyes giving great expression, Ears carried well. Good length of neck flowing into good topline, well sprung ribs and straight front on strong pasterns.  Movement Just needs to firm up which should come as he matures.

BTC Open Show 2024 – Judge Paul Quick 1st Yearling Dog & Reserve Best Dog

Prince Ali Konfident step to Bosties imp UKR, stunning male of correct type I really liked this lad. His head was mature and square, his eyes dark and round, he has so much quality and can’t be overlooked. His profile was strong and balanced his topline was perfect. He has spring of rib with a nice tuck up. I loved his tight feet. Nails being short is a must, he was untidy on the move on the day, and If he went better for me I would of had to think hard for best dog. Happy to reward him RBD

Banbury and District CS Open Show – Judge Martina Svitanova 2nd Post Graduate Dog  At 21 months old, this brindle dog possesses a charming character and pleasing markings. Smaller and compact in size, he exhibits a nice type of square head with a well-proportioned muzzle and a well-defined stop, complemented by small, thin ears carried gracefully. His coat, soft to the touch, enhances his overall appeal. With a lovely expression characterised by rounded, appropriately sized eyes when alert, he presents a correct topline that is level yet slightly arched croup, coupled with a well-set tail and a short loin, contributing to his desired square appearance. His forelegs are strong and straight, leading down to sturdy pasterns and cat-like feet. Displaying a good width of chest and a commendable turn of stifle, he unfortunately exhibited a slightly elevated front movement on the day. Nevertheless, his brilliant temperament adds to his overall appeal.



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