Bosties Wiccan Charm

Breeder: Cheryl Grange

Kennel: Bosties​

This little tyke was born into a litter of 7 at home to Dandy in the early hours of November 1st 2021, the hours of Samhain. They were all self whelped between the hours of 02.11 and 06.44 am, sadly I lost the smallest boy, but the remaining 6 are thriving. The litter was bred purely to keep a puppy or two for the show ring. I’ll look forward to her debut when the time comes in 2022 and hope that Kerry will enjoy joining  us on our outings!

Well, what can I say about this little firecracker?

That’s exactly what she is, bold and fearless!

She wasn’t meant to stay, my oldest daughter fell in love with this tiny puppy born with a gammy leg, (she’d been squashed in utero), but within a week she looked no different to any of her litter mates and was first up on her feet.

She earned the nickname “Gammy”, although I’ve called her Denva, her nickname has stuck like glue, poor girl!

Wiccan Amulet (Cora)
Wiccan Hex (Djinx)
Wiccan Magick (Ella)

Wiccan Lore (Quincy)
Wiccan Rede (Jasper)

Sire: Inferior Silesia Canis Iko Ignisis

Dam: Crazy Crys Yankee Doodle Dandy Bosties

Colour : Brindle and White

Denva is Hereditary Clear of JHC – (HC-HSF4), Patella’s Normal – 0/0 and also BOAS tested with great grades.

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